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Mother Nature happens, especially here in Madison, MS. When she makes her way to your home, True Roofing & Contracting will take care of you and your roof. Whether it’s hail or wind damage repair or full roof replacement, our unique background as insurance adjusters will ensure the whole process moves forward quickly and smoothly.

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That’s right. True Roofing In Madison MS offers free roof inspections for homeowners in the greater Jackson Metro. Each home’s needs are unique. So, we keep it simple and honest just for you. After we inspect your roof we’ll work with you to determine which roofing services you need and which you don’t. That’s how pricing for Roof Repair and Replacement in Madison MS should be, and that is exactly what we deliver.

Whether you require a residential, commercial roof inspection, or multi-family multi-residential facility roof inspection in Central Mississippi, True Roofing is ready to help you complete your project. Click here or call 601-992-2323, to request your free roof inspection.

With years of experience and a top-notch track record in and around Madison MS, you can be confident in making us your Madison MS Roofing Contractor of choice.

Roof Inspections

Residential Roof Inspection In Madison MS

When you have a roof inspection done on your home, the contractor will typically start with an exterior assessment of your roof. They will look for loose shingles, stripped nails, missing pieces, and any other damage that may need immediate attention. The contractor will also check to ensure that gutters and downspouts are free of debris and in working order because clogged gutters and drains can result in extensive damage to your roof over time. We will report any problems found during your roof inspection, and we can go over the details of any necessary repairs your roof requires.

Commercial Roof Inspection In Madison MS

Having a commercial roof inspection done is just as important as having one done for your home. We build roofing systems to last you 25+ years. Keeping them in top condition requires proper maintenance and upkeep. A licensed roofing contractor can provide an inspection that will help you know when to schedule future repairs or replacements for any components of your roof system.

What Does A Roof Inspection Consist Of?

A thorough roof inspection consists of checking the following components on your roof.

  • Roof decking
  • Roof membrane (tar paper)
  • Roof vents/skylights/drainage systems
  • Roof sheathing
  • Roof insulation

Other Items Our Roof Inspectors Look For Include:

  • Mold on roofing materials (roof tiles, plywood decking, felt paper, rust, and corrosion on metal roofs.)
  • Roofer nails sticking up through the roof
  • Roof flashing at gas, oil, heat, and vent stacks
  • Drainage problems like gutters clogged with leaves, pine needles, and excessive cross-gutter leakage
  • A thorough look in your attic to determine if there is any leakage that could affect your home’s ceilings

When Should You Have Your Roof Inspected?

Roof inspections should be done frequently by a professional to stay apprised of signs of significant damage early on to prevent further damage. We recommend roof inspections in Madison MS at least twice a year, but even more often if you have a high-maintenance roof or one that is in a sunny area prone to hail storms.

Snow and ice have historically not been too much of a problem in Madison, MS. However, weather patterns can change over time, as we have seen lately, with Jackson MS getting more snow and ice over the past decade than in decades before. Homes with shingled roofs should have an extra inspection in winter while snow covers the ground since snow can pile up and weigh down the roofs, causing sagging and fracturing that may lead to leaks.

We highly recommend roof inspections after a storm as well. While all may seem fine from the comfort of your living room, there could be roofing issues you aren’t aware of after a storm that could impact your home, thereby affecting your quality of life.

Roofing companies in Madison, MS, like True Roofing & Contracting, LLC, will gladly conduct a roof inspection for you after severe weather such as hail or strong winds, tornadoes, or hurricanes to make sure your home is safe and sound and assist with Roofing Storm Damage Claims Assistance.

If you haven’t had a professional roofing inspection in the last year, it is a good idea to schedule a roof inspection in the spring and before winter. Your roof takes a beating throughout the year in various weather conditions, so it’s best to have one done at least every year and a half to two years to keep up with any damage. We also recommend roof inspections in Madison after significant weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hail storms, and the like. These events can cause damage to your roof that you may not be able to see.

How Do You Inspect A Roof Condition?

Our roofing contractors will look for any visible signs of trouble on your roof and within your attic during the inspection.

How do you check for roof damage? Our professional roofing contractors provide a thorough inspection to ensure that your roof is in good condition. They will also look at potential problems that are not visible but often cause significant damage. Roofs are generally considered to be in good condition if they do not leak water into the home. Still, even minor leaks can lead to more significant issues without proper maintenance. If you find your roof leaks or suspect it might, call True Roofing & Contracting, LLC today for an inspection!

Damaged Asphalt Shingles Discovered During Roof Inspections In Jackson MS

Roof Inspections in Ridgeland MS 
Roof Inspections in Madison MS
Damaged Asphalt Shingles Discovered During A Residential Roof Inspection In Jackson

Filing Your Claims

Initial Roofing Inspection: Having a professional evaluate the damage to your roof is very important. In some cases, filing a claim can affect your monthly premiums because insurance companies will look at how many claims you have filed, including claims where they do not pay. Our trained specialists will inspect your roof and recommend whether or not a claim should be filed. In Ridgeland, MS, you do not need bids before contacting your adjuster.

Deductible Not Met: If the cost to repair your roof is less than your deductible, we will give you a fair estimate for the cost to repair it. Our honest roofing specialists will make sure to answer all of your questions and concerns.

Fast, Professional Roof Repair In Madison MS: Using only the best materials, we get to work quickly so that you can have peace of mind knowing your roof is good to go. We don’t just cover up your old roof with new materials. We will tear down to your decking to ensure no hidden wood damage lurking below.

What Do Insurance Adjusters Look For On Roofs?

We were insurance adjusters before we started True Roofing. We know what insurance companies and insurance adjusters look for on damaged roofs. Our experience as insurance adjusters informs our roof inspection process to help our clients ensure their insurance company is doing them right.

When inspecting a roof, the insurance adjusters will often look for hail damage, water damage, and wind damage. They will also look for any signs of improper installation or maintenance. The insurance company will replace roof pieces that are badly damaged.

We will not under any circumstance exaggerate any roofing issues to help get a more significant claim payout than is required. It’s called insurance fraud, and we will not participate.

Should Your Roofer Meet With Your Adjuster?

Many homeowners have the same question: should my roofer meet with my adjuster? The answer to this question is that it depends. There are a few factors that play into this decision. Here are some things to consider:

It depends on your insurance company’s roof inspection policy. Some insurance companies require that the roofer inspect the property and generate a report for the adjuster. Others may allow the homeowner to choose whom they would like to inspect the property.

Timing of Roof Inspection: It is essential to consider when the roof was damaged. If there is an apparent leak or damage, the roofer will need to meet with the adjuster sooner rather than later to make repairs as quickly as possible.

Why Should I Choose True Roofing For My Roof Inspection In Madison, MS?

After reading this information on roof inspections, you may have some questions about what to look for in a quality roof inspection. Why not take the opportunity now to call True Roofing? We provide expert roof inspections that are reliable and quick! Give us a call today to schedule your appointment with our team of roofing experts in Madison, MS, or learn more by visiting www.trueroofingms.com.

Why Choose True Roofing?

Simple. Honest. Just for you, that’s how pricing for roofing in Madison, MS should be, and that is exactly what we deliver. Each home’s needs are unique, so we’ll work with you to determine which roofing services you need and which you whether it’s an old, leaky, or damaged roof in Madison, MS, nip it in the bud with True Roofing and Contracting

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